Christopher John Jackson

Jersey +44 7797 77 80 30


PHP Web Developer
Feelunique, Jersey
March 2015 - Present
PHP / Python Developer
BLE Group Ltd, Sheffield
July - September 2014
Remote PHP Web Developer
Central Nervous, Orlando
2011 - 2013


BSc Computer Science
University of Wolverhampton
2007 - 2011

Side Projects


At first I used a taskrunner called gruntjs, I was not very keen on it, so I have written my own version and I have used it to prepare frontend asset for my website and this CV. I have also use it as a deployment tool, I find it quite versatile and clean.

ZipFS for net/http

I have use it on my website and this CV and keep the entire site on one file, therefore simplifying deployment.


Rewriting structures such as error page, flash bag, database connection take a lot of time, so I have written a Web Application Initializer called Ignition, it's take care of the most basic structure for you, it will even allow end user to make modification to the structures therefore giving user more control.

All it does is generate the codebase from a tarball downloaded from github.


My first experiment with microservices and message bus, I have used NSQ as the message bus. Each of the microservices have communicated with each other successfully, but my gut instinct tells me that it is not working atomically, neither the less it was a fun experiment and on the plus side I got the taste of working with microservices.

Hopefully I will get another opportunity to work with microservice, I just got to be careful not to dive into the nanoservice anti-pattern.

P.R. Generator

That was my first offline Progressive Web App or PWA, I have made use of VueJs for the first time, I thought it was very nice to work with. All it's does is generate a comment for a github pull request. I written it because I find modifying tables in Markdown a little clunky, so I would rather fill a form copy to clipboard and click 'Copy to Clipboard'. I currently use it everyday at work.

Experimental Site

Random experiment I been doing at home, which I have otherwise would not been able to do at work. I often use the site as a test ground for backend and frontend work.